IOSCO Asia Pacific Regional Committee (APRC)

Formed by IOSCO to focus on issues relating to the Asia Pacific region, the APRC supports increased capacity building efforts within the region, which includes extending assistance from developed jurisdictions to emerging and developing markets, strengthening cooperation with other regional bodies to share knowledge and expertise and leveraging on existing regional initiatives.

One of the regional initiatives under the APRC is the formation of the Asia Pacific Regulators’ Group on Market Surveillance to establish a network and exchange views on market surveillance issues with the aim of strengthening regulatory cooperation in the region. The APRC has also established the Asia Pacific Takeovers Regulators Forum as a platform for sharing views relating to takeovers and related regulatory matters among members.

The APRC has also conducted a series of webinars as a tool for sharing expertise among a large number of participants, including those in growth and emerging markets. Topics for the webinars covered risk- based supervision, corporate regulation, cross-border enforcement cooperation and tools for managing risks in securities markets. The APRC webinar on risk-based supervision of market intermediaries forms part of the IOSCO Online toolkit for members.
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