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SCxSC Fintech Conference 2019 

SCxSC 2019 is Securities Commission Malaysia's annual fintech event, an interactive platform for discussions and exploration of new and evolving digital trends. The Conference convened senior policymakers, innovators, investors and financial services providers that shared and explored digital developments in the capital market. Key topics discussed include Fintech entrepreneurship, Robo advisory, eKYC and digital identity, Cryptocurrency / digital assets, Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity and Islamic fintech.

The event programme is available at https://www.scxsc.my/day/1
22 October 2019 – morning session
22 October 2019 – afternoon session
23 October 2019 – morning session
23 October 2019 – afternoon session

Investor Education and Protection in the Asset Management Industry – Kaleon Leong, Chief Executive Officer, FIMM

In conjunction with World Investor Week 2019, the dialogue discusses key issues faced in promoting market discipline and retail investor protection and education in the asset management industry.

OECD Equity Market Review Asia 2018 – Mats Isakson, Head of Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance, OECD

The OECD Equity Market Review Asia 2018 was launched during the OECD Asian Roundtable on Corporate Governance in Kuala Lumpur on 7 November 2018. The 2018 Review discusses the use and functioning of public equity markets in Asia, and how capital markets can serve to channel financial resources from households to productive investments in the real economy. It covers trends in initial and secondary public offerings in Asia, growth companies’ use of equity financing, the ownership landscape and investors in Asia as well as trends in investment banking activities and underwriting in Asian equity markets.

Speaking at the Roundtable, Mats Isaksson, Head of Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance, OECD shares key findings from the 2018 Review, including the continued shift of equity market activities to Asian exchanges. The OECD Equity Market Review Asia 2018 report is available here.

Leadership and Governance – Professor Didier Cossin, Founder and Director, IMD Global Board Center

The dialogue reviews the concepts of leadership and governance in promoting market integrity and good conduct, and deepening institutional capacity and organisational resilience.

FinTech and Implications on Regulations – John D’Agostino, Managing Director, DMS

The dialogue discusses the application and scalability of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and looks at the impact of digital assets on regulations.
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