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13 April 2023
Retail Market Conduct: Drivers & Current Regulatory Approaches

In conjunction with the recent publication of IOSCO’s Retail Market Conduct Task Force report, experts from diverse backgrounds, including academia, regulatory and the industry shared their insights on key topics such as risks faced by retail investors with the impact of new technologies, the influence of gamification and the evolving role of AI. It also discussed effective regulatory approaches in combating fraudulent activities.

09 February 2023
IOSCO Risk Outlook 2023: Current & Emerging Risks in Global Capital Markets

The workshop discusses the major themes identified in the Risk Outlook 2023, with a view to providing regulators a better understanding of current and emerging risks and the tools needed to identify, monitor and mitigate these risks in their respective jurisdictions. In addition to this session, participants were also briefed on the risk assessment and scoring frameworks used by IOSCO, followed by a Q&A session.
27 October 2022
Digitalisation and the Evolving Retail Investment Landscape

In conjunction with World Investor Week 2022, the webinar aims to review regulatory and market-wide implications of the evolving digitalisation landscape, including online offering trends and how regulators are responding.
05 October 2022
Crypto/Digital Assets and DeFi – Look Before You Leap

In conjunction with World Investor Week 2022, the IOSCO Asia Pacific Hub will be hosting a webinar supported by the IOSCO Board-level Fintech Task Force (FTF) which will discuss crypto and DeFi issues with impact on investor protection and investor education.
26 October 2021
Artificial Intelligence: Risks, Policy Approaches and Guidance for Regulators

The webinar provided an overview of Artificial Intelligence concepts and discussed key risks of relevance to regulators and policy makers, policy approaches to AI and risk management, and guidance for regulators.
11 June 2021
Digital Assets Evolution: Regulatory Oversight and Enforcement – Valerie Szczepanik, Director, Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology, US SEC; Donald Day, Senior Manager, Intermediaries Supervision, SFC Hong Kong; Benedicte Nolens, Head, BIS Innovation Hub Hong Kong Centre

The webinar featured a discussion on the evolution of the digital assets sector and challenges in regulatory oversight and enforcement of digital assets and digital asset trading platforms.
02 February 2021
Asia Pacific Regional Outlook for 2021 - Dr Ng Thiam Hee, Principal Economist, ADB 
The webinar featured a discussion on how the Asia Pacific economy performed in 2020 and what to expect in 2021 including potential drivers for growth and key risks and vulnerabilities for the year.
12 November 2020
The Implications of COVID-19 on Retail Investor Behaviour and Protection – Cathie Armour, Commissioner, ASIC; José Alexandre Vasco, Director of the Office of Investor Protection and Assistance, CVM Brazil and Dr Joanne Yoong, Senior Economist, Center for Economic and Social Research, USC & Associate Professor, NUS 
Held in conjunction with IOSCO World Investor Week 2020, the webinar discussed the changing landscape of the retail market and investor behaviour in light of COVID-19, risks and challenges for retail investor protection and key regulatory measures taken in response to these risks.
16 July 2020
Application of Blockchain Technology in Financial Markets – Henri Arslanian, Chairman, FTAHK and FinTech & Crypto Leader, Asia, PwC and Nelson Chow, Chief Fintech Officer (Fintech Facilitation Office), HKMA

The dialogue discusses blockchain technology and how it is being used in financial markets, challenges and further opportunities in its application for capital markets.
12 November 2019 - 14 November 2019
The IOSCO Asia Pacific Hub will be hosting IOSCO's MMoU/ EMMoU Training Workshop on 12 to 14 November 2019. This 3-day workshop, targeted at MMoU signatories and members who expect to sign soon, will focus on the MMoU practicalities with a view to provide a guide on the efficient use of the MMoU/EMMoU and the pre-requisites for becoming an EMMoU signatory.
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