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12 November 2019 - 14 November 2019
IOSCO MMoU/ EMMoU Training Workshop
The IOSCO Asia Pacific Hub will be hosting IOSCO's MMoU/ EMMoU Training Workshop on 12 to 14 November 2019. This 3-day workshop, targeted at MMoU signatories and members who expect to sign soon, will focus on the MMoU practicalities with a view to provide a guide on the efficient use of the MMoU/EMMoU and the pre-requisites for becoming an EMMoU signatory. Moreover, the workshop will cover the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Administrative Arrangement (AA) for the transfer of personal data between EEA and non-EEA authorities. The training will be conducted in a very interactive manner. In addition, it will be structured to provide you with the opportunity to discuss real life issues which you are currently encountering in the application of the MMoU. (Please note that if any of the issues you wish to discuss are confidential, you will have the chance to talk with the speakers in a one to one setting).

Participating jurisdictions are expected to designate staff of the Enforcement or International Cooperation Department (or similar) to attend the workshop. In particular, those who will benefit the most are those members of staff who are either in charge of receiving MMoU requests for assistance or drafting and sending those requests. Also, attendance is encouraged from those jurisdictions currently preparing its EMMoU application or considering applying.

There is no cost to attend the workshop and travel and hotel accommodation costs are the responsibility of the attendee and their authority. The deadline for registration is 24 October 2019.

For further information please contact the MMoU Team ([email protected]) or Cecile de Wit ([email protected]) from the IOSCO General Secretariat and Azfalyna Aziz ([email protected]) from the IOSCO Asia-Pacific Hub.
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