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24 June 2019 - 25 June 2019
IOSCO Workshop on Strengthening Cyber Security and Resilience
This 2-day workshop seeked to enhance the Cyber resilience and incident response capabilities of regulators and financial entities to mitigate exposure to Cyber risks. The Workshop included an overview of the Cyber risk landscape in financial markets, key components to promote sound Cyber practices, Cyber threat intelligence and decision making, regulatory approaches to Cyber risk management and supervision of Cyber risks. The Workshop also comprised a Cyber-intelligence exercise that required participants to analyse their responses to Cyber threats and identify areas for further improvement, including developing response and recovery strategies that can be implemented within their respective organisations.

Below is the programme flyer and registration form. For further details on the Workshop, please contact Azfalyna Aziz from the IOSCO Asia Pacific Hub at [email protected].
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